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Specialization Selection Orientation for I3-HRE

Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering will organize the specialization selection orientation session on the 1st September 2021 for the third year students (I3-HRE). The orientation session is armed to make I3-HRE students understand better on the field and skills from our faculty with potential job market and to help them choose specialization between WEE and WRI with their own interest. There will be a series of sharing from our lecturers of both specializations.

Date: 01st September 2021

Time: 2pm-4pm

Target participants: Students I3-HRE (2020-2021) and I3 HRE(2021-2022) and lecturers of HRE

Link to the event (MS Team): or MS Team Code: nxjnz9z

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