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Four Lecturers/Researchers of ITC-GRU attended the Second Group Workshop of Urban Water Program in B

From Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC), Department of Rural Engineering (GRU), Dr. LY Sarann, Dr. HENG Sokchhay, Mr. LUN Sambo and Mr. SOK Ty attended the Second Group Workshop of Urban Water Program at Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand, 26-27 October 2016. This is a workshop activity of Working Group 1 of the project: Establishment of Asian Model for Research and Education on Urban Water Resource Management. Our key activities are:

(1) Presentation of research progress

On 26 Oct. 2016 (Day 1), four main researchers of WG1 (Water Resource) of Cambodian Team presented their research progress. Dr. LY Sarann presented about “Simulation of inundation map in Phnom Penh: a review on modeling approaches.” Dr. HENG Sokchhay presented about “Analysis of public perception on urban flood in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.” Mr. LUN Sambo presented about “Assessment of the drainage improvement master plan on urban flood situation in Phnom Penh.”, and Mr. SOK Ty presented about “Planning on installation of new rain gauges to improve urban flood modeling in Phnom Penh.”

(2) Discussion on future activity plan

On 26 Oct. 2016 (Day 1) after the presentation of research progress, the research team had a meeting to discuss future activity plan. We agreed (i) to install two rain gauges in Phnom Penh with a purpose to improve the model predictive accuracy, (ii) continue to improve the model simulation of urban flood situation by comparing NILIM and Flo-2D model, and (iii) to prepare some papers for publishing in international journals.

(3) Study of flood management in Bangkok

On 26 Oct. 2016 (Day 1), Dr. Winai Liengcharernsit from Kasetsart University gave a lecture on “Flood protection system in Bangkok.” On 27 Oct. 2016 (Day 2), the team visited the Flood Management Center of Bangkok Metropolitan in the morning. Mr. Sunsern Rueangrit, Chief of Flood Control Center, presented the organization structure of the center, scope of work of the center and existing flood management system of Bangkok. In the afternoon, the team visited one among many pumping stations, an infrastructure for flood protection in Bangkok.

The research team has showed their research progress and will enhance research results by