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Moving Bed Bioreactor was provided by Kuraray Singapore to GRU/ITC

On 8th September 2016, Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Department of Rural Engineering (ITC,GRU) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kuraray Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (KAP) and RLS International Pte Ltd on the Pilot testing with Kuraray Product "Evaluation".

The MoU between the three parties has been carried out because Kuraray has developed certain Advanced Biological Treatment for Wastewater using Moving Bed Bioreactor with specialty product Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogen (PVA Gel, called Kuraray Product). Likewise, RLS has developed certain opportunities in Cambodia that potentially can be developed into feasible project using Kuraray Product, And ITC, as higher education academic institution, provides the space and resources to carry out the test bedding of the Kuraray Product.

Following this MoU, Kuraray Product (Moving Bed Bioreactor with specialty product Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrogen) was delivered and setting up at laboratory of GRU/ITC on 5th October 2016. The Pilot testing will be started afterward for the new academic year.

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