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Short Course on Applications of Pumping Equipment: Planning, Design, and Application

Department Rural Engineering (GRU) in collaboration with Ebara Hatakeyama Memorial Fund (EHMF) organized a two days short course (February 24-25, 2016) on applications of pumping equipment by focusing on planning, design, and applications. This training addressed to government agencies and public sectors, consulting firms and private industries, and academic institutions and universities. There were more than 100 participants joined the training.

Dr. Thavarith CHUNHIENG, deputy director general of ITC, opened the ceremony. He emphasized that it was very useful that GRU had organized this regular seminar in order to enhance the knowledge of students, technicians, and practioners involving in the sector. He also highlighted that GRU had been providing the master degree on water resources management which, indeed, covers the application of pump in various sectors such as flood control, water supply, irrigation and so on.

The objectives of this short course is to enrich capacity and skills of participants in practical engineering fields through making review on turbo type pump, studying essentials and applications including design point, control and energy saving methods in operations. The training were provided by Mr. Yamada and Mr. Yamagishi, which mainly covered:

  1. Classification of Pumps

  2. Essential of Pump Technology

  3. Determination of Pump Requirement Application in Water Works

  4. Control for Energy Saving

  5. Case Study: Comparison of Energy Consumption

EBARA Corperation, founded in 1912, had main businesses involving fluid machinery and related systems such as pump and compressors, which were used for infrastructure such as for water and sewage systems, irrigation and flood control. Under the slogan of “Ebara should coexist with regional communities”, Seiji Hatakeyama, the fifth president of EBARA Corperation, founded the EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Fund (EHMF) in 1989 to assist infrastructure development and improvement around the world by offering technologies and rich experience accumulated by EBARA.

Here on ITC, EBARA held 8 times of the technical seminar from 2002, about 600 students and engineers participated. Another program of EHMF is “Assistance for Investigation” EHMF had extended to donate pumps appropriate materials which were useful for the classes and investigations of students and researchers. EHMF donated a booster pump unit, cutaway pumps and attachments to ITC which would provide additional equipment for learning and experiments for more 100 students.

H.E. Dr. Romny OM, Director General of ITC, presided the donation ceremony and closed the seminar. He thanked EBARA Corporation for continuously providing technical support to ITC, specifically to the department of rural engineering. For instance, EBARA donated pump units for ITC. Mr. Minoru Takano, specialist consultant of EBARA Corporation, highlighted the long collaboration between both parties and he wished the friendship between ITC and EBARA would be deepened.

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