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  • វិស្វកម្មទឹកនិងបរិស្ថាន
  • វិស្វកម្មធនធានទឹកនិងហេដ្ឋារចនាសម្ព័ន្ធជនបទ

Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (HRE)

was founded in 1964 with the mission to produce high-quality engineers at the undergraduate level, graduate level, and technician level in the field of water and environmental engineering, and rural infrastructure construction to meet the need of societal development and to solve environmental issues. The main vision of the faculty is to develop human resources with internationally recognized engineering qualifications to stimulate sustainable development. It also thrives to improve the research capacity and services dealing with water supply & sanitation, hydraulic structure, ArcGIS-remote sensing, climate change and society.


Engineering Programmes at HRE

Rural Engineering

1. Water and Environmental Engineering

2. Water Resources Engineering and Rural Infrastructure

1. Water Resources Engineering

2. Urban Water and Sanitation Engineering

Vision of the Programmes

The all programs Engineering at of the faculty hydrology and water resources engineering, ITC shall be a leading international engineering program in the region to support higher education, research, and technology innovation that serve the nation and improve the quality of life.

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