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Master's Degree and PhD's Degree in Water and Environmental Engineering (WEE)


WEE program is developed in line with Research Unit Water and Environment at ITC that aims to tackle the environmental issues facing today. The overall program looks for solutions to environmental problems, such as global change impact, water crisis, water supply, and sanitation, wastewater treatment and disposal systems, air pollution, solid and hazardous wastes, waste minimization, and environmental impact assessment and audit to promote sustainability in our business and in our community through the ongoing development of environmentally responsible practices.

Water and Environmental Engineering is a full-time graduate program developed for all nationalities. The course requirement is divided into Core course, Elective course, Specialized course, and Research-Oriented course. In the last semester, students will be required to have a professional internship at a public or private institution that is working on their related field of specialization. In order to graduate from this program, the students are required to write the thesis and pass the thesis defense. The applicants can be ITC students or Non-ITC students which details below:

The graduate program on Water and Environmental Engineering at ITC shall be a leading international engineering program in the region to support higher education, research, and technology innovation that serve the nation and improve the quality of life.

The missions of the program are:

▪     To produce skillful and knowledgeable human resources with responsible stewardship and ethic that are useful for the nation to address challenges in striking a balance between serving socio-economic and protecting the environment.

▪     To promote proactive, green, and clean development that responds to environmental problems through enhancing interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral initiatives research collaboration, and university industrial and societal linkage.

▪     To keep improving the teaching and learning environment and facility for internationalization and attraction to local and foreign students

Eligibility of Applicant:

For Master of Water and Environmental Engineering is a full-time graduate program developed for all nationalities from all over the world. To be eligible for the program, an applicant must hold a BSc./BEng Degree or equivalent and also meet the requirements of the Graduate School.  The applicants can be ITC students or Non-ITC students which details below:

*ITC student

The students who graduated from ITC with the faculties listed below will start at M2.

▪     Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

▪     Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Food Technology

▪     Faculty of Geo-resources and Geotechnical Engineering

▪     Faculty of Civil Engineering

*Non-ITC student

An applicant must hold a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in the field of science and engineering such as Civil Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Environmental Science, Agricultural Engineering and Science, Chemistry, and Biological Science. However, the applicant will be assessed case by case. The additional courses will be required for the applicant who found to be lack basic courses in this engineering field.

Collaborative Partners and Supporting Projects/Programmes:



Program Offering:

1. Water Resources Engineering
2. Urban Water and Sanitation Engineering


Institut de Technologie du Cambodge

Faculty of Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Dr. KET Pinnara

Master Program Coordinator

Tel: +855 78900477


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